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Responsa's Approach

Whether neurodiverse or neurotypical, our solution focused coaching helps to improve and provide balance in all areas of a person's life.  We work with clients to identify obstacles and create strategies for overcoming them. 

Our services cover various areas of personal development, including work-life, career progression, relationships and self-condolence..

We also help clients to overcome personal barriers and identify employment opportunities.

Our Therapeutic Counselling and Personal Development Coaching can help you:

•    Overcome procrastination and increase productivity.
•    Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.
•    Improve communication skills and relationships with others.
•    Reduce stress and anxiety.
•    Develop a more positive mindset and attitude.
•    Set boundaries and improve assertiveness.
•    Improve time management skills.
•    Discover and utilize your strengths and talents.
•    Clarify your values and align them with your actions.
•    Develop a plan for personal growth and self-improvement.

Our service is not limited to neurodiverse individuals. 

We collectively have a wide experience of coaching. 

Counselling, Mentoring and Specialist Coaching

Marie Robinson

Therapeutic Counselling and Personal Development Coach & Mentor 

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