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Marie Robinson
Personal Development Coach - Autism | ADHD 

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I’m Marie, a professional Therapeutic Counsellor and Personal Development Coach (Autism and ADHD specialism), having undertaken comprehensive training in areas including autism, coaching, CBT, NLP and counselling.


My background includes having over 20 years of professional experience working with people of all ages with Autism/ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other neurodivergent conditions.

I live on the Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire border in the UK. I enjoy the wonders of nature; living with quirky cats and pet chickens. 

I am an introvert by nature. A diagnosis of ADHD in later adult life answered many questions about myself up to that point. I’m a person that enjoys the quiet life, but thinks big. I have been through many transformations in my life; from 20 years working in commissioning roles for health and social care services, a mother, through divorce, business entrepreneur, to life coach. 

I am no different to you. Through my own journey I have battled with low confidence, poor self-esteem; including imposter syndrome. In fact, I have been through periods of crippling self-doubt, with my only strategy being to work harder.

I’ve learned how to overcome this and continue to challenge myself, finding that the only way to move forward has been to face my fears.

I coach neurodiverse adults to build essential skills for the workplace, social situations, and personal relationships - Supporting individuals to develop self-confidence and self-belief. The focus is helping individuals to uncover their unique strengths and talents, to thrive in daily life.

My experience includes working with executive dysfunction, sensory processing differences (SPD/SPI), alexithymia, oppositional defiance (ODD), learning differences and social anxiety.

I also work as specialist mentor for higher education students (from degrees, master’s degrees to PhDs) with autistic spectrum disorders and ADHD. Students are supported to develop effective study strategies, negative social barriers to reach their full academic potential.

Life can be unpredictable and sometimes circumstances have propelled me of my intended path. But by maintaining a positive outlook, I have found that these experiences have enabled me to learn and grow, and have opened new doors.  

Before I focussed full time on my coaching business, I overcame my fears and worked as a professional entertainer; singing, playing the piano, ukulele, guitar and harmonica. I then set up and ran a successful business, building up a team of musicians with mental health experience to deliver interactive music sessions in care establishments / mental health facilities across the UK.


But I knew that this wasn’t my true purpose in life.

It has been my own personal journey that led me to become a life coach and mentor. It is a natural extension of my interest and passion to help people develop and reach their true potential. 

Training and qualifications

Diploma in Integrated Therapeutic Counselling - Level 4
Accredited member of ACCPH (as a qualified counsellor) 

My professional development is ongoing

BSc(Hons) Health and social Care
Comprehensive training and courses undertaken in Autism, ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions.
Postgraduate Certificate Criminology & Psychology
Accredited Life Coach

Employment/career coaching
Master NLP Practitioner
Advanced CBT Diploma
Anger Management Training
Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management
Diploma Addictions Therapy
Improving Physical Exercise, Health and Nutrition

I have undertaken safeguarding adults and children training and have have an up to date DBS

Why choose me? 

I’m a certified professional life coach who is down to earth. The person that will show up in our sessions will be my positive authentic self. I work with both women and men of all ages, with a full understanding of the challenging life hurdles that my clients come up against. I know what it’s like to feel lost and trapped; because I’ve been there myself. 

I too, know how it feels to succeed and to fail, and how to learn from this outcome and succeed again.

I am passionate about helping you obtain clarity to achieve what you want: My objective is to be there to assist you in navigating your thoughts, goals and any obstacles you are facing in order to help you become the most confident, efficient and powerful version of yourself.

I will support you through that journey, be your accountability partner to keep you going when you feel like giving up; enabling you to see a vision for the life that you deserve.

My holistic approach focuses on the whole of you and how your mind affects your body - which in turn, affects your performance in life.

Sessions are bespoke to the individual, so get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and prices.

How We May Work Together

I will see you over GOOGLE MEET | ZOOM | BY PHONE  (or whatever platform you prefer). 

During coaching sessions, I work with you collaboratively. Through the use of various coaching techniques, I will help you to find ways to plan the life you want to have and reach that place you want to be. 

I  am here to be your support, to help you to explore who you are, understand why you think the things that you do—while looking at what you actually want from your life.

By working to give clarity on what’s really going on inside your head, you can make changes to reach new outcomes and goals.

We may identify some thought patterns that have not served you well in the past and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I will help you to unlock your true potential: Challenging you when the voice in your head tells you that you can’t.

I regard confidentiality to be of the utmost importance, offering all clients a secure & non-judgemental environment in which to explore their thoughts.

How I Work

We all have unique goals and desires. Some of us require more coaching than others in order to achieve these.  On average, about four to six, 45 minute coaching sessions are required to make a real difference. We will review this after each session.


YOU are ultimately in the driver’s seat and free to end our work when you choose, or when an ending seems appropriate.

It’s really important that you feel comfortable with life coaching and with me. So that's why I ask you to book a free 15 minute discovery call which will give you time to see if you think we'll be a good fit.

If you decide the coaching will work for you – I will email a confidentiality, terms and conditions agreement. You will also receive a link to my calendar where you can choose an appointment date and time that is convenient for you (select this and recurrent appointment times if required). You will receive an email confirmation of your scheduled appointments.

If you are interested in finding out about life coaching with me, please get in touch below.  

Payments are made at the time of booking a session and can be by online bank transfer or Paypal … 

I work with clients covering a wide range of issues, including:

   Autism / ADHD / Dyslexia / Neurodivergent Conditions 
•    Low mood or self-esteem
•    Stress management
•    Personal development

•    Work issues and challenges

•    Identity and self-image
•    Relationships with family and friends
•    Achieving personal goals
•    Empty nest syndrome
•    Before and after divorce
•    Inability to move on past a relationship
•    Finding life purpose
•    Mid-life need for change
•    Overwhelmed or anxious
•    Confidence
•    Creative business coaching

I am a relentless learner and have spent many years studying complimentary training courses via multiple training institutions. I am formally educated in the social sciences, including the fields of health and social care, psychology, criminology and law. 

As part of my ongoing personal development I continue to study in the areas of human psychology, health and wellbeing.

My extensive experience means I can utilise a range of different psychological approaches in my work that is truly unique for each client. My broad skill set, which includes counselling training, equips me to understand and work holistically with the ‘whole person.’

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